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Atlassian Cloud SSO Apps

Secure access to Atlassian Cloud

Secure access using Single Sign On, LDAP, or Two factor authentication. Password protected access to non-users.

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Our Cloud Apps

SAML Single Sign On

Login into Jira & Confluence Cloud using our SAML SSO module, keeping users in any Identity compliant provider such as Okta, Keyclock, Shibboleth, etc.

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OAuth/OpenID Single Sign On

Login into Jira & Confluence Cloud using our OAuth/OIDC SSO module, keeping users in any OAuth/OIDC compliant provider such as AWS Cognito, Azure AD, Okta, GitLab, etc.

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Allows implementing Two Factor Authentication methods like Authenticator, OTP over email/SMS, Hardware token, etc. over SSO in Atlassian Cloud applications.

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LDAP Authentication

Allows users to login into Atlassian Cloud by authenticating via any external user directories, like Microsoft AD, OpenLDAP, OpenID using LDAP protocol.

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Secure Share

Allows you to securely share your Jira issues or Confluence pages, with external users with the option to set password and validity over the shared links. Thus, saving you extra licensing costs.

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PDF/WORD Exporter

Provides a single click, quick way to export issues from any Jira Project in standard business documents file formats like PDF and Word document.

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User Sync/SCIM

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) Provisioning automates user lifecycle management that provides seamless communication between directories/ Identity Provider & cloud apps.

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