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2FA- Webinar

Double-Up Your Security With
  • 2FA
  • MFA
  • Web Authn

Let's take your security to the next level

What is MFA ?

When an employee logs in to access an application or service, there needs to be absolute certainty that it’s the employee & not the attacker.
MFA has two or more independent credentials: what the user knows, such as a password; what the user has, such as a security token; and what the user is, by using biometric verification methods.


MFA Webinar on the Way

Double-up your Security with MFA We will be covering topics like:

  1. Why MFA is required for Atlassian apps
  2. Common Use cases/ Requirements
  3. Cloud and MFA

What's in it for you ?

Requirement of MFA for Atlassian Suite

Secure your environment with MFA

Limitations of Atlassian MFA & our solution

Various MFA methods to guard your Atlassian Apps

Nikita Rudrawar
2FA Team Lead
Sanyukta Jha
Business Analyst